Having grown up with a woodcarver father, my first artistic ventures were wood-related, and I created woodblock designs for printing. designed and built small wooden boats, and designed and built wooden toys and contemporary dollhouses. After studying art and education in college, I taught woodworking, art, history of architecture, while continuing to work on crafts and sculpture, graphic design, printmaking and dabbling in a variety of media.  I now incorporate sea glass into my crafts and artwork.

I have been a beach-comber all my life, and have amassed quite a large collection of beautiful sea glass. My husband also enjoys finding sea glass and bottles.  We love exploring and tend to drag home all types of interesting jetsam and driftwood. Our house and environs is a testament to our love of the sea and what it offers!  We are lucky to live in an area where there had been much historic glass, due to the shipping trade pre-1880's. We both enjoy trying to find connections to the original type of glass that became the shards that we find. Now it is difficult to find sea glass, so we will  spend our time sorting out and categorizing our earlier finds!

Environmental protection is extremely important to me, and I work with many civic and youth groups in this area. Virgin Sea Glass recently helped sponsor a Plastic-Free Ocean Event on St. Thomas.  Recycling sea glass (again) into new artistic creations is a perfect venue for me, especially with my love for the sea and history.

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